Mission and Vision



DOST Caraga envisions itself as a responsive and world class institution of excellent and competent human resources providing innovative scientific and technological inteventions meeting global challenges.


DOST Caraga commits to responsive, reliable and accurate scientific and technological services and interventions to MSMEs, government and non- government organizations, academic institutions, civil societies and vulnerable communities through:

  1. The provision of appropriate, timely and adequate science and technology interventions;
  2. The provision of reliable services and accurate results compliant to statutory and regulatory requirements;
  3. Strengthening of S & T human resources;
  4. The provision of technologies and mechanism for disaster prevention and mitigation; and
  5. Enhancement of S & T culture.


We are committed to provide products and services to both the government and private sectors in the Caraga Region with the highest standards of quality and reliability within our capabilities and resources according to customer and all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System at all times in order to meet customer satisfaction.