DOST-Caraga partners with Metals Industry R&D Center in increasing productivity

The Department of Science and Technology-Caraga thru its Provincial Science and Technology Centers (PSTCs) continues to assist 126 MSMEs in the metals and engineering sector since 2008 with technology upgrading, product, and capability enhancement projects in order to help boost the industry in the region. The Metals Industry Act of the Philippines or RA 4742 refers to the manufacturing and processing of ore materials to finished metal products. Caraga is noted for its abundant natural resources and potential in the metals industry, according to the Department of Trade and Industry.

With this, DOST-Caraga and the DOST Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST-MIRDC) partnered for a series of capability enhancement training to help enhance efficiency and productivity of the metals and engineering businesses and institutions in Caraga.

Twenty five (25) representatives, engineering instructors and personnel from the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Caraga State University, Father Saturnino, and DOST Caraga regional and provincial offices attended the three-day training on productivity improvement last April 23-25, 2019 at Butuan City.

Three experts from the Industrial Training Section of DOST-MIRDC helped the training participants learn productivity improvement thru 5S practices, occupational safety and value analysis or value engineering (VAVE) concept.

The 5S, a Japanese concept popularized by Hiroyuki Hirano, is a systematized approach to organize work areas, keep rules and standards, and maintain the discipline needed to be more productive. 5S stands for “Seiri” or sort and organize, “Seiton” which means “systematize” or functional layout and promoting neatness, “Seiso” or shine referring to workplace and equipment inspection or cleaning, “Seiketsu” which means standardization and “Shitsuke” or sustaining workplace discipline.

MIRDC’s Technology Diffusion Division Chief and one of the resource persons, Engr. Reynaldo dela Cruz explained how 5S helps in workplace productivity improvement. “An unclean and disorganized environment contains hidden risks for workers and equipment. With 5S, we will be able to assess possible risks and prevent them from interrupting production and save time in troubleshooting sudden machine malfunctions”.


Participants during workshop activity

MIRDC further discussed occupational safety and health standards to ensure that workers’ health is not compromised in the workplace. Basic safety, personal protective equipment and fire and electrical safety were took up in the second day of the training.

Engr. Dela Cruz also discussed about the Value analysis or value engineering (VAVE), an important concept in decision-making to the participants. This method aims to improve productivity at the lowest overall cost consistent with achieving the required quality, performance and market acceptance. He pointed the importance of decision-making in designing and product development, material handling, plant layout, price evaluation and inventory up to sales and maintenance. Value analysis helps improve cost consciousness and reduction throughout the business or the industry, communication and maximize creative potential in the organization.

The Industrial Training Section of DOST MIRDC also provides Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining services, training and seminars in project costing and management programs such as ISO and Quality Management System.

MIRDC extended warm thanks to the participants and DOST-Caraga for trusting their capacity in imparting knowledge. They are looking forward to more training and activities to help in the improvement of the metal industry in Caraga region.

DOST-Caraga Assistant Regional Director for Field Operations Division Ricardo N. Varela encouraged the participants to apply the strategies and tools in their own development.


Engr. Torres, Project Staff from DOST-Caraga TSS Division, raises a concern